Male Victims

Domestic abuse can and does affect anyone.   Domestic abuse doesn’t discriminate neither do we.

If you are a man and think you are experiencing domestic abuse contact us for specialist help and support.
Call 01892 570538
Or email us at [email protected]

Voiceover by Paul McGann

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Direction, Design, Animation, Editing, Sound Design by: Zoe Logan & Joe Kowalski

Written by Nick Goodey & Joe Whelski

Associate Producer: Mila Milosevic

Sound Recordist: Robert La Rosa

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Special thanks to Louise Jameson, Ken Deep, Jan Berry


What is abuse?

Coercion, intimidation and threats:

  • Being told no one will believe you
  • Being threatened with knives or other weapons
  • Being told if you try to leave you will never see your children
  • Being threatened with violence, if you don’t do what the perpetrator wants you to do
  • Being threatened that the perpetrator will call the police or report you to Social Services
  • Threatened with legal proceedings
  • Denied access to medical care/medicines etc
  • Denied sleep or being attacked whilst asleep

Emotional Abuse:

  • Being made to feel guilty and to blame for the abuse
  • Having mind games played on you
  • Being humiliated
  • Being put down and made to feel bad about yourself
  • Experiencing the ‘silent treatment’, being ignored
  • Being told you are mad, crazy

Sexual Abuse:

  • Feeling you have to participate in sex out of fear you will be ‘punished’ for refusing because you don’t feel safe.
  • Being coerced into using objects
  • Being coerced or pressured into sexual acts that you do not want
  • Being coerced into sexual activities with others against your will
  • Being coerced or threatened overtly into sex

Physical Abuse:

  • Being hit with objects
  • Being hit, punched kicked
  • Male victims of female perpetrators also talk about blows to groin area or scratches to face, being attacked with a knife

Using Gender:

  • Being told you are not a real man if you don’t do certain things or in a certain way
  • Being forced or coerced into specific responsibilities and activities based on strict traditional gender roles without any negotiation and under fear of consequences of not complying

Using Children:

  • Being belittled for attempts to look after children
  • Receiving messages via the children
  • Being excluded from activities with children

Minimising, denial and blame:

  • Being told you are responsible for the abuse
  • Having injuries not taken seriously
  • Being told the abuse didn’t happen or wasn’t that bad