DAVSS is an award winning community based charity supporting any victims of domestic abuse, aged 16 years  and above, in West Kent. Using a unique and highly effective professional volunteering model we provide vital support to clients who have experienced domestic abuse.

DAVSS volunteers, supported by our professional staff team listen without judging, answer calls to our helpline, provide telephone support or meet clients face to face (when Covid restrictions permit), prepare individual bespoke safety plans, support clients to court if needed and help them begin to rebuild their lives.

DAVSS Mission

  • To provide for the relief of persons, and their dependents who have been physically, sexually, psychologically/emotionally and/or financially abused within an intimate or family relationship in the West Kent area;
  • To provide training and advance public education and understanding of the issues of domestic violence in the West Kent area; and
  • To introduce and engage in services which promote healthy relationships.

DAVSS Values

DAVSS has a very strong culture and a resulting set of values. These values have become central to our ability to provide a leading service to our clients. While it is hard to encapsulate our culture in a set of written values, the following are a key part of everything we do:

  • Safety comes first – our greatest priority is the safety of our clients.
  • We empower our clients and those we work with – our focus is providing the advice, guidance and services that our clients need to feel empowered.
  • We are client led – We listen to our client’s needs. We have designed, and continue to evolve, our services based on the best way to meet the needs of our clients from first contact to ongoing support.
  • Everyone deserves our best – We listen, act with integrity and are non- judgmental. We do our best for all of those who use our services.
  • By the community, for the community – our unique volunteer model empowers the local community to provide support to those in the community who need it.
  • Our independence delivers better client service – Being independent allows us to focus 100% on what is best for our client without any restrictions.