How can I help if I know someone is suffering abuse?

If someone you know has confided you in there is a few basic steps you can take to aid the person.

  • Listen to them
  • Let them know that you believe them
  • Acknowledge that it takes strength to come forward and seek help and assistance
  • Validate their feelings- acknowledge that they are in a frightening situation
  • Let them know that this is not their fault
  • Let them know that there is no excuse for abuse no matter what the perpetrator has told them
  • Do not tell them to leave unless they are ready to do so
  • Gently encourage them to seek specialist help and support especially around immediate safety planning
  • Arm yourself with information for local services
  • If they have physical injuries encourage them to seek medical assistance
  • Be ready to assist them should they wish to report the abuse to the police
  • Be ready to help them plan a managed exit with the aid of specialist domestic abuse support services
  • If it is safe to do so offer them the use of your address and/or look after an emergency bag for them should the need arise
  • Keep yourself safe, do not offer to speak to the perpetrator