Our last day of Action looked at two important myths around abuse.

We hope you’ve followed the 16 posts.  Here are two Myths around Domestic Abuse.

Myth 1: Alcohol and drugs make perpetrators more violent.
Reality: Alcohol and drugs can make existing abuse worse, or be a catalyst for an attack, but they do not cause domestic abuse. Many people use alcohol or drugs and do not abuse their partner, so it should never be used to excuse violent or controlling behaviour. The perpetrator alone is responsible for their actions.

Myth 2: If it was that bad, they’d leave.
Reality: Victims stay in abusive relationships for many different reasons, and it can be very difficult for a victim to leave an abusive partner – even if they want to. Like any other relationship, one that ends in abuse began with falling in love and being in love. Abuse rarely starts at the beginning of a relationship, but when it is established and often harder to leave.

A victim may be frightened for their life or for the safety of their children if they leave; they may have nowhere to go; they may have no financial independence. Abusers often isolate their partners from family and friends in order to control them, making it even more difficult for a victim to exit the relationship.

Victims in abusive relationships need support and understanding – not judgement.

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